City Administrator,
Deborah LeMoine
P.O. Box 220511
St. Louis, MO 63122



To the left of this page are the permit applications needed in the City of Oakland. The City began their own "in-house" inspection program on July 1, 2006. We feel the program has been a real benefit to our residents and allows us to have first-hand knowledge of what is being built within our community.  If you have questions about the permit process, zoning matters or code compliance issues, please contact Code Compliance Officer/Building Inspector, Greg Hanser at 314-420-7481.

The cost for each permit and the procedures to follow are listed on each application, but for further reference, please note the building permit procedures for both residential and commercial permits as well as the costs of these and all other permits.


1.   Complete Plan Review/Building Permit Application form.

2.   Submit two (2) copies of the completed form along with two (2) copies of site plan (showing dimensions of new construction and its distance from property line) to the City of Oakland, P.O. Box 220511, Oakland, MO 63122.

3.   After the application has been processed by the City Administrator, the plans will be reviewed by the Code Compliance Officer. Upon approval, the City of Oakland will issue an approved permit and contact the applicant to let them know the cost of the permit with inspections needed.

4.  Once a check for the amount due is received at the above address, a building permit will be issued  and sent to the applicant along with an inspection sign-off card to be kept on the construction site location during the length of the project for the Inspector to sign.   During the inspection process, please contact Greg Hanser at 420-7481 to arrange a residential building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical inspection. 

5.   All inspections (building, electrical, plumbing & mechanical) should be called in 24 hours in advance to 314-420-7481.  No inspections will be scheduled or made unless a permit has been issued by the City of Oakland.

6.  Other permits that may need to be gotten through the City regarding your project include a tree preservation plan (new construction only), dumpster/temporary storage unit, excavation, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical.

7.   All work and excavations in the public right-of-way shall be approved by the City of Oakland; St. Louis County; or the Missouri Department of Transportation.  The owner is responsible for obtaining these necessary permits and approvals.

8.   The owner is responsible for permits and inspections from other agencies as applicable; including, but not limited to: Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD); Laclede Gas; AmerenUE; Missouri American Water Company; AT&T.

9.   Questions concerning the Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes should be directed to Code Compliance Officer, Greg Hanser at 420-7481.

10. Other items that will be reviewed include:

                  1. Zoning Regulations;
                  2. Floodplain Regulations;
                  3. Driveway entrances, curb cuts, excavations & other work on public right of way;
                  4. St. Louis County regulations including Department of Highways and Traffic;
                  5. Missouri Department of Transportation regulations;
                  6. MSD regulations (storm water run-off and sanitary sewage); and
                  7. Fire regulations.

All Commercial development should be referred to our Fire Marshall at 314-822-5884.  Once he has given his approval to the plans, the City Administrator will need to be contacted at 314-416-0026 for the proper paperwork/approval letter. Upon receiving this paperwork, all projects on commercial properties will be handled and inspected by St. Louis County at 41 S. Central, Clayton, MO  63105.  For questions, please contact St. Louis County Public Works at 314-615-2559.


Type                                        Permit Fee                           Inspection Fee

Plan Review/Building                $100.00                                 $30.00 each

Demolition                                  $100.00                                  $30.00 each

Dumpster                                    $ 50.00

Temporary Storage Pod           $ 50.00

Electrical                                      $30.00                                    $30.00 each

Excavation                                   $35.00                                    $30.00 each

Fence                                           $50.00                                    2 included

Floodplain Development          $50.00                          

Mechanical                                  $30.00                                    $30.00 each

Plumbing                                     $30.00                                     $30.00 each

Sign                                              $100.00                                  $30.00 each

Tree Preservation                      $75.00                                     $30.00 each

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