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Privacy Statement

Our Philosophy
We believe that the information collected from citizens should only be that which is necessary to provide the information or services sought by a requester, just as a person might provide such information when visiting our offices in person. The information collected is subject to the same controls and uses as that collected by governmental offices visited in person, again subject to the access and confidentiality provisions of federal, state and local law.

Posting on Website
Information that is generally available under Missouri law and not made confidential elsewhere under federal, state and local law may be posted for electronic access through the Village of Claycomo Web site.

Public Disclosure
All information collected on our Web site will be treated the same as any written communication and is subject to the confidentiality and public disclosure provisions of applicable federal, state and local law.

E-mail Senders
E-mail messages sent to any Village of Claycomo address will be treated the same as any other written communication. E-mail addresses obtained as a result of a request to our Web site will not be sold or given to private companies for marketing purposes.

Electronic Form Filers
Any other information provided by you at the request of the Village of Claycomo such as the completion and electronic filing of a form, will be considered to be voluntarily provided by the visitor and will be treated in the same manner as information provided in written form or in person during a visit to the Village of Claycomo.

We are committed to data security and the data quality of personally identifiable information that is either available from or collected by our Web site. Unfortunately, no information transmitted via the Internet is guaranteed to be completely secure due to the nature of the Internet. But we attempt to safeguard your information from loss, misuse or alteration.

Other Web site Links
External links contained on the Village's website are provided as a convenience to visitors. Any external websites linked to or linked from the Village's website are not maintained by the Village of Claycomo, and you are subject to the terms and conditions of that web site, including but not limited to its privacy policy.

The Village assumes no responsibility for the content of the material contained by external web sites or for the accuracy of any information that is found there. The contents of any site or link not maintained by the Village does not constitute an endorsement of the opinions, viewpoints, products, services,  standards or policies of the Village of Claycomo, its officials, agents or employees.

Information Disclaimer
Information provided on the Village of Claycomo Web site is intended to allow the public immediate access to public information. While all attempts are made to provide accurate, current and reliable information we recognize the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Therefore, the Village of Claycomo, its employees, officers, and agencies expressly deny any warranty of the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published by this system and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information.

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