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Deborah LeMoine
P.O. Box 220511
St. Louis, MO 63122

City of Oakland

Streets, Sidewalks, Signs and Trees

Repair and Maintenance:  The City of Oakland contracts with private companies for street repair, street maintenance, striping and street signs. If you notice potholes, streets in disrepair or signs that have been damaged or are missing, please contact the City Administrator at 314-416-0026.

Right of Way Maintenance:  Section 520.020 states that 1) All property owners shall be obligated and required to maintain, at their own expense, any and all physical objects including, but not limited to, trees, shrubs, grasses, walls, porticos, stoops, awnings, areaways, walls or other structures or things that encroach upon the right of way of any City Street as that term is defined in Chapter 405 of the Municipal Code so that the street right-of-way, including sidewalks, is kept in a reasonable safe condition for travel and as public thoroughfares in the usual modes by day and night. 2) Any object or thing within a street right-of-way that obstructs or interferes with the use of the streets or sidewalks shall be deemed a nuisance and the city shall have the right to remove it. 3) The requirement that property owners maintain such objects that abut their property shall apply regardless of who planted or placed the object in the street right-of-way.

Snow and Ice Removal:  During snow and ice storms, our contractor works diligently to keep the streets clear. Plowing and salting are done by plan that takes into account traffic patterns, street grade and the number of homes served.  The main City streets of Holmes, Sappington and Argonne receieve top priority. Next secondary streets such as Oakland, Monroe and Liggett are handled. All other residential City streets are then plowed.

The City of Oakland is responsible for plowing public streets only. All private streets (Sappington Spur, Singlepath, Westwood Forest and N. Brent) must contract on their own for these services. Currently, we contract with Earthworks at 314-581-3138 if you would like them to quote you a price.

It would be of great help to the City if during these storms, your automobiles were parked in your driveway.  Snow plow crews are able to do a more thorough job when they do not have to work around vehicles parked on the street as they are difficult to maneuver between and around.

How Do I Prevent a Wall of Snow at the End of my Driveway?  In advance of your driveway entrance, shovel the snow out of the traffic lane.  This will reduce the amount of snow the plow encounters, thereby, reducing the potential for a "wall" of snow at your driveway

Street Light Outages: If you notice a street light outage on an Ameren street light, please contact the City Administrator at 314-416-0026 with the house number or location of the pole and the pole number so that Ameren can be called to have the bulb replaced.  If you notice a street light outage on the decorative City lights on Argonne, please call 314-416-0026 and leave a message with which light bulb is out.

Street Sign Replacement:  If there has been damage done to any street sign, traffic sign or City entryway sign or its pole, please contact 314-416-0026 so plans can be made for repair/replacement.

Street Sweeping:  Street Sweeping is done four times per year during the months of February, April, July and November as set by the Board of Aldermen in their City Standards and Policies.  Notice will be given to the residents via e-mail and street signage in various places of the City one week in advance of the event. We ask that all residents try not to park their vehicles on the street during the day of sweeping services.  In case of inclement weather, sweeping will be done the following day.

Tree Trimming: Section 520.010 grants permission to any person engaged in the business of supplying cable, telephone, telegraph or electric service in the City of Oakland to trim trees upon and overhanging streets, alleys, sidewalks and public places of the City so as to prevent the branches of the trees from coming into contact with the wires and cables of the person supplying the above-mentioned service.

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